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Ambassadors Online Sessions

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Ambassadors Online training includes 12 sessions and two study tours. The sessions take place on a weekly basis. Each session last four hours and consists of a theoretical lecture combined with a practical workshop.

The training introduces the students with themes of communication, a historical background of Israel, the peace process, New Anti-Semitism, digital diplomacy, development of rhetorical skills and more.

The practical workshops allow the project's cadets to implement their knowledge in practical public diplomacy. During the workshops they become media analysts, practice dialogues with anti-Israeli activists, create youtube short clips and learn new techniques of the digital diplomacy utilizing new media.

The activities are conducted by notable professionals in their own fields such as Amb. Dr. Reda Mansour (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Israel consul general in Atlanta), Mrs. Miri Eisin (former Israeli prime minister's spokesperson to foreign media), Mr. Tomer Ashur (chairman of Wikimedia Israel), Mr. Neil Lazarus (senior adviser to Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and others.


Ambassadors Online Study Tours

The training program includes two study tours. The study tours give the cadets field experience in understanding Israel and its diplomacy.

    • "Jerusalem behind the news" tour - Geopolitical tour in Jerusalem. On the tour the cadets visit the main sites in Jerusalem that are covered by the news worlwide and discuss the complexity of the city. The students explore the holy basin which is the home of three religions, trace the "border line" that divided the city before 1967 and visit the security fence. The second part of the tour includes visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and training public diplomacy with senior officials' guidance.

Read about the Jerusalem tour of spring semester 2012 (Hebrew) pdf-logo-psd




    • Tour to MASHAV - MASHAV is Israel Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MASHAV is responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of the State of Israel’s worldwide development cooperation programs. On the tour the cadets visit MASHAV compound in Haifa, study the MASHAV workflow and meet with senior trainees from all around the globe.




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