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Ambassadors Online Annual Conference – 08.06.2017 04/03/2017

We are pleased to invite you to our annual conference, that would be held at the University of Haifa, on June 8th organized by the students of Ambassadors Online’s sixth...

The BDS in Europe – 23.04.2017 04/03/2017

Join us for a lecture of Karin Stoegner, a visiting scholar from Vienna. discussing the pressing current issues in Europe ...

Ambassadors Online is an academic program in the University of Haifa dedicated to student development, excellence and leadership in the field of public diplomacy and public advocacy.

Our goal is to adopt students’ potential, resourcefulness and visionary ambitions to the promotion of Israel’s image in the international arena, with a focus on the digital sphere.

Through weekly lectures and workshops by leading academics and diplomats, students gain objective knowledge about Israel’s history and culture, as well as practical skills and experience in creating online campaigns, organizing events, and engaging with the media in order to challenge misconceptions or factual errors regarding Israel.

The program is non-political and non-partisan. It aims to present a balanced and fact-based dialogue on the various challenges facing Israel, and does not promote a certain policy or solution. Among its students are Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze. The program is supported by The Elizabeth and Tony Comper Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Antisemitism and Racism, as well as by the University of Haifa.ֲ



Ambassadors Online

Knowledge and Awareness

  • Pioneering Academic Project in the Fields of Public Diplomacy
  • Innovative Academic Research
  • Examining New Perspectives, Deconstructing Old Myths

Training and Experience

  • Hands On Experience
  • Understanding and Using New Media Platforms
  • Cultivating and Realizing New Ideas

Activity and Involvement

  • Volunteering For the Community
  • Building Student Leadership
  • Encouraging Community Involvement for a Better Society

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