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Final projects of our cadets

As the summit of their training process ,t he cadets produce final projects, among them op-eds, youtube videos and Internet memes. Those are distributed in the Internet and reach audiences around the globe.

Youtube video

  • "Think Israel", By Yael Berger, Batel Ifargan and Adi Ziv

  • "Flash Mob - Israeli Style", By Einat Rerer and Alina Wakxman

  • "Isratrip", By Roni Cochavi, Hadas Sobe, Malak Naserdeen, Lior Olinik, Yoad Cohen, Daniel Shechter.

  •  Speak the world, by Lotem Robins


Op-ed "Israel's many different faces" by Esti Cohen

Op-ed "BDS: Humanism or Racism" by Idan Zak

Internet Memes

"I'm Israeli, I'm like",by Dganit Kenig, Silvia Bilak Fainaroand Irit Brandes-Tsaliah



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