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Ambassadors Online

Volunteering, Zionism, Digital Diplomacy

Who we are?

Ambassadors Online (שגרירים ברשת) is a new educational academic project in the fields of Israel advocacy, public diplomacy and the fight against the New Anti-Semitism. Its goal is to provide Israeli university students with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become unofficial ambassadors of Israel. The cadets of the project receive training which prepares them to effectively challenge the de-legitimization claims, engage in a dialogue with Anti-Israeli activists and improve Israel's image abroad by expanding the positive knowledge about the country. The project's pioneering approach emphasizes new media as a common ground for establishing a direct link of Israelis with target audiences overseas.

Additionally, the project develops student leadership by educating the young generation to speak for their country and lead groups of activists.

The participation in the project is open for all students from all the background and disciplines.

Ambassadors Online was established on spring 2012. The first 30 project's cadets (out of 50 nominees)  of the first course were selected carefully after a rigorous application process. Amongst the participants are Jews, Arab Druze, new repatriates, Israeli-born students, Ph.D candidates, graduate and undergraduate students

Our vision

  • Improve Israel’s global image.
  • Academic excellence of the training process.
  • Effectively empower the Digital Diplomacy by utilizing the new media.
  • Volunteering and community service.
  • Develop student leadership – let the student to do the “first step” towards the future of acting in the diplomacy sphere for Israel.

Our home

Our home is the University of Haifa. It is the major academic institute in the northern Israel, and is endowed with a  diverse population of students, including Jews, Arabs and overseas students. The campus is an example of Israeli multiculturalism and coexistence. The project is initiated by the founders as a joint partnership of several academic and student offices.

We work together with...

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We are looking for to join forces and expand our cooperation.

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Mr. David Gurevich, Ambassadors Online founder and coordinator, explains about the idea behind the project (Hebrew)





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