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The Ambassadors Online Training Program

(Shagririm Bareshet) is the leading pro-Israel advocacy program in Israel, that trains university students to utilize new media as a tool for international activism. Despite growing up in Israel, Israeli students, often find themselves at a loss when confronting de-legitimizing claims at home and abroad. Recent years’ defaming campaign against Israel, includes intesifies human rights and legal rights discourse by which Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. We believe that facing such severe allegations, requires comprehensive training and understanding the various complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian Situation.  Ambassadors Online prepares students to effectively challenge the de-legitimization claims and fight against what came to be known as a new form of anti-Semitism. By independently confronting anti-Israel messages through international dialogues via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media instruments, the Program also seeks to encourage student volunteerism and develop their leadership capabilities. Participants in the Ambassadors Online Program attend weekly training sessions, over the course of an academic year, take part in “diplomacy study tours” to Jerusalem and in Haifa, and meet for two full-day study sessions with program mentors to complete their final projects. The weekly sessions introduce the students to advanced themes in effective communication, historical background of Israel, the peace process, New Anti-Semitism, digital diplomacy, and rhetorical skills. These hands-on sessions feature a wide range of learning modalities, including:

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  • Lectures

Lectures are composed of theoretical classes and dynamic workshops. Professional lecturers including prominent scholars,

diplomats, Journalists ad international law experts, discuss the current challenging situation from critical and scrutinizing

perspectives and focus on contemporary public diplomacy, communications international interactions and law, peace

process and modern anti-Semitism.

  • Expert Panels

The program hold yearly panels and conferences aimed to address current affairs issues such as human rights discourse, BDS

(Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) international law, and discussions over possible way of confronting the challenge.

  • Hands-On Workshops

Students are encouraged to become young entrepreneurs; weekly workshop focus on rhetoric and leadership improvement,

development and cultivation of academic research and acquiring hand-on experience on social media thus improving

student’s skills on internet platforms thereby effectively confront the vigorous de-legitimation campaigns against Israel

  • Special Events:

The Ambassadors Online Program holds an annual event awarding prize-recognized individuals for their significant activities

for improving Israel’s image. Recipients of the prize include the Israeli Embassy in Ireland, journalist Mr. Ben-Dror Yemini,

and Dr. Yehuda Ben Dor.


Our program is comprised of two activity domains:

Theoretical sessions – we believe in the power of knowledge and thought, innovation and creativity. Students on the program will expand their academic and theoretical understanding serving them for influential practices and activities in the fields of diplomacy and advocacy. Prominent scholars, professional marketing and public relations experts, journalists, senior diplomats, international law experts and jurists convey the theoretical sessions and provide a tangible grasp of the challenges Israel faces thus provide the most productive ways to confront them.

Practical experience –knowledge becomes power when it’s translated into actions. The practical part of the program focuses on skill development by enabling students to practice their accumulated knowledge. Students are requested to adopt their creative thinking in delineating their innovative ideas and improving their involvement and managing skills. Accompanied by team of experts the students will get the chance to launch social projects of public diplomacy, organizing conferences and events developing and operating long term campaigns targeted to improve Israel global image.