Ambassadors Online – Academic Public Diplomacy


Sponsors and Staff


  • Prof. Eli Avraham - Academic supervisor

    Prof. Eli Avraham - Academic supervisor

    Media Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Haifa in Israel. He is the heads the Comper Center for the Study of Antisemitism and Racism at the University of Haifa. Prof. Avraham is the author/co-author of a number of books including “Campaigns for Promoting and Marketing Cities in Israel” (2003), “Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis and Improving the Image of Cities, Countries and Tourist Destinations” (Elsevier, 2008) and “Marketing Tourism for Developing Countries: Battling stereotypes and crises in, Asia, Africa and the Middle East” (2016, Palgrave-McMillian). His research interests include: public relations and marketing strategies, marketing places, nation branding, advertising, crisis management and crisis communication.

  • Mr. Adi Levy - Program Director

    Mr. Adi Levy - Program Director

    Director of the Ambassadors Online program since 2014. Adi is a graduate of the third cohort of the program. He hold a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in International Relations and Diplomacy. Adi Specializes in Moral Philosophy, Ethics, Human Rights and International Law. He recently completed writing his M.A thesis about The use of Racism in Non-Violent Resistance Movements, in the school of Political Sciences at the University of Haifa where he is currently writing his PhD on Ethics, and where he also serves as research and teaching assistant.

  • Ms. Reut Cohen - Program Coordinator

    Ms. Reut Cohen - Program Coordinator

    Coordinator at the Ambassadors Online Program since 2015; Graduate of the forth cohort of the program. Reut specializes in Arab media networks research at the backdrop of Middle Eastern conflicts; she also takes part in academic projects on behalf of Comper Center and at an INSS research group. Reut holds B.A in Middle Eastern History and Communications and currently writing M.A thesis on Israel’s public diplomacy activities through Arab media at the Department of Communications, University of Haifa