Ambassadors Online – Academic Public Diplomacy


Our Vision

Ambassadors Online is an academic enterprise dedicated to student development, excellence,

social skills and leadership. Our goal is to adopt student’s potential, resourcefulness and

visionary ambitions to the fields of public diplomacy. Student human resources which is

comprised of curiosity, creative thinking, innovative entrepreneurship and reflective capabilities

are cultivated and promoted in a rigorous and thorough training process aimed to create a

generation of leaders that challenge misconceptions regarding Israel and endeavor to promote

Israel in the international arena.





Why Ambassadors Online?

The rapid changes of International arena, the information revolution and global society, reveals new

threats to the State of Israel. The technological advancement combined with old stereotypes and

persisting resentment that spreads like wildfire require the use of innovative instruments to support

and sometime supplement conventional power. De-legitimation campaigns, image distortions, calls

for boycotts and sanctions that defy Israel’s right of existence are intensifying by media biased coverage

and Online activity. The vigorous anti-Israeli campaign is implicitly disseminated by conventional media

platforms, and even more egregiously by new media platforms.

Confronted with these new threats, the Ambassadors Online program provides thorough training for

qualified students who wish to contribute their knowledge, zeal and passion to deal with these challenges.

Utilizing academic innovative research, collaboration with affiliated organizations and acquisition of

practical instruments, our program students with valuable information and knowledge that enable them

to respond effectively and responsibly.

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